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Resoltuion On Religious Liberty

WHEREAS, The combination of church and state has resulted in relentless religious persecution and crimsoned the pages of the past with the blood of the saints; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That we, the representatives of two and a half millions of Baptists in Convention assembled, while reaffirming our age-long contention of the right of every man to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience, we deny the right of any man or organization to force the conclusions of conscience upon any man, woman or child.

RESOLVED, That we view with serious alarm and vigorous protest the efforts of the Roman Catholic hierarchy to gain control of our government, and thereby be in a position to fasten either its faith or fallacies upon the consciences of a free and sovereign people.

RESOLVED, That we deeply deplore the presence of a papal legate as the representative of the Vatican at our national capitol for the purpose of influencing governmental affairs.

RESOLVED, That we earnestly protest against the presence of a national representatives in their official capacity at esslesiastical functions, and the manifest disposition on the part of some of our politicans to show deference to so-called church dignitaries.

RESOLVED, That we also protest against the sentencing of any person, by any judge, to serve in any religious institution.

RESOLVED, That since Baptists have borne the blount of the battle which has given religious liberty to the people of the United States, we herein affirm our determination to perpetuate this priceless boon for the present and all coming generations. To this end we pledge our property, our lives, and our secred honor.