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Committee On Church Organizations (adopted)

Regarding the resolutions presented by Dr. Walter L. Johnson of Mississippi and a Committee of the Baptist Pastors Conference of Richmond, your Committee finds that in general they cover parallel and largely similar problems and proposals. They deal with relationships existing between our denominational agencies and within the organizational structure of the auxiliary organizations of our churches and their field of work, teaching and objectives. Your Committee makes the following observations and recommendations:

First, It is obvious that there has developed duplications, overlapping and in some respects too much organization in our churches wherein the same groups belong to different organizations who do the same work.

Second, Inasmuch as the agencies have gradually evolved through the last fifty years their program and methods independently of each other we, your Committee, recommend that a Committee of fifteen be created by this Convention to carefully study the organizational needs of our churches with respect to their auxiliaries; to define the functions and spheres of each; to propose in the light of our experience and need what changes or additions should be made and to report to the 1947 session of the Southern Baptist Convention their findings and recommendations. It is the hope of your Committee that the Committee to be appointed shall be led of the Holy Spirit to find a way whereby every good thing we have shall be conserved and such changes made that will enable our churches to evangelize, teach, train, instruct, enlist, and make more effective our entire stewardship of life and substance in the service of Christ.

Third, That the work of this Committee include that of study and recommendations concerning the utilization of principles and methods in the field of Religious Education in our churches and whole mission program.

Fourth, We recommend that the Committee of fifteen hereby recommended be composed of brethren Gaines S. Dobbins, Chairman; J. M. Price, A. E. Tibbs, W O. Carver, W. L. Howse, Ellis A. Fuller, E. D. Head, Roland Q. Leavell, and Louie D. Newton, plus six pastors to be named by the Committee on Committees.

Fifth, We suggest that the first three named be a steering committee to make all necessary preliminary study of this proposal between now and October 1, 1946, and that the full Committee begin its work following that date.

Sixth, That the Committee hereby created be instructed to publish their report in the denominational press not later than April 1, 1947.

Seventh, That the expenses of this Committee be limited not to exceed $2,000 which shall be provided by the Executive Committee of the Convention according to the way the Convention provides for the expenses of its special Committees.

(not a Resolution–adopted)

Since through the years the Social Service Commission has had a general function in the field of public morality and social problems and we have come upon a time when these problems are multiplying and the organization of convention agencies is undergoing changes in the interest of efficiency, we recommend that the Executive Committee, through a sub-committee and in conference with representatives of the Social Service Commission, be requested to restudy the proper functions of such a Commission for our time and to set out more clearly the scope of its work, in order

(1) that the Convention may be asked to approve a more adequate service in this field than it has hitherto undertaken,

(2) that the Commission itself may have warrant and guidance in projecting a definite program of service, and

(3) that the measure of the support allocated to the Commission may be more accurately arrived at.