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WHEREAS, It has been widely reported by the public press that the Vice-President of the United States recently declared in an address before the Virginia Bar Association that “If prohibition had been considered by the Senate in secret session behind closed doors not twenty votes would have been cast for it,” Therefore resolved

1. That we keenly deplore the Vice-President’s poor opinion, if correctly reported, of the august body over which he presides.

2. That if the opinion thus publicly proclaimed from so distinguished a source were correct, we would regard that fact the darkest omen of national decadence and coming disaster yet produced by these disturbed times.

3. That we congratulate the friends of moral order and official integrity throughout the United States that our Senators, inheriting illustrious and immortal examples of wisdom, courage and integrity, are not so degenerate as to require the protecting seclusiveness of “Secret session behind closed doors” that they may be true to their convictions of right on a great moral issue.

4. The Southern Baptist Convention cannot concur in the imputation placed by Mr. Marshall, if correctly reported, upon the Senators of the United States in their recent enactment of prohibition legislation and therefore hereby enters its solemn protest against such an amazing conclusion.