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In view of God’s manifest and gracious favor upon Southern Baptists, making them in numbers the largest of any group of this devoted people in all the world and giving to them a great and heroic spirit; and in view of the widespread interest created by the sending out of a statement of their faith, signed by Drs. Mullins, Gambrell and others, this statement having been sent out from the last Convention; and in view of the further fact that many of our people are scattered abroad all over the world, some of them suffering great hardships, afflictions and persecutions; now therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That our two beloved brethren, J. B. Gambrell and E. Y. Mullins, be appointed by this Convention to visit the Baptists as far as possible all over the world, and particularly those of Europe and the Far East, to convey to our brethren in these countries the greetings, good wishes, love and affection of Southern Baptists and to assure them of our profound and sympathetic interest in all their struggles and efforts to uphold the name of our Christ in all the world.

RESOVLED, Second, That the Secretaries of the Convention are authorized to furnish the above-named brethren such certificates of their appointment as may be deemed necessary under the circumstances.