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Jason and Robin Ebeyer

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On a trip to the closest city, International Mission Board missionaries Jason and Robin Ebeyer were praying to find a “person of peace” – someone who would welcome them and help in their ministry efforts.

The Ebeyers have been working for the last few years with the people in Isan, a region in Thailand that had no Christian presence.

When the Ebeyers stopped to get coffee, they met Tia. She was a Buddhist and knew the cost of leaving her religion. She’d be betraying her family.

When the Ebeyers met Tia, she was extraordinarily kind and patient as she served them coffee. They repeatedly returned to her coffee shop and explained the gospel to her. The Lord did a work in her heart, and she prayed to receive Christ.

Tia blazed the trail for the Ebeyers’ outreach to the village. Seven people made professions of faith in less than two months.

“She is the quintessential ‘person of peace,’” Jason said. “She opened her heart, opened her home and opened the door to the village where we’ve been ministering.”

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Pray for the Ebeyers to be encouraged by God’s work in people like Tia as they reach the lost people of the village.