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Doug & Dana Roberts

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Today we are going to pray for Doug and Dana Roberts, two of
our missionaries who serve in Mexico. Many of our missionaries
are reaching Spanish-speaking Mexicans in Mexico.

But Doug and Dana serve in central Mexico among the Central
Nahuatl people. These people are descended from the Aztecs
who ruled what is now Mexico long before Europeans arrived.

The Nahuatl people have their own language and culture. Most
of them operate small family farms or.raise goats. Many of the
men do construction work in other parts of Mexico.

Sadly, few missionaries serve with the Nahuatl people. That
means many towns have no church and no Christian witness at
all. But Doug and Dana are pioneers – they have started one
church. Four new believers were baptized recently!

Today let’s pray for our missionaries, Doug and Dana. Our church
supports their ministry as we give through the Cooperative

Let’s pray that they will lead many lost people to faith in Christ.
And let’s pray that God will call many more missionaries to this
part of Mexico, so that all the Nahuatl people can hear the gospel.