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Cole Elbridge*

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In his years as a missionary, Cole Elbridge* has weathered his share of crises. He has ministered during war, genocide, attempted coups, civil war, political insurrection, terrorist attacks, and to Christians facing persecution. He has stood up to armed bandits, chosen homelessness to minister to the destitute, been evacuated due to rebel activity, and lived through multiple weather disasters. A cancer survivor, he has also survived a meningitis epidemic and found unique ways of ministering during COVID-19.

Prior to his missionary service, Cole told God he’d go anywhere, but asked for assurance that God would be with him. The Lord honored his prayer of trust and so no matter the circumstance, fear is largely absent from Cole’s retelling of the monumental disasters he’s lived through.

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PRAY for the safety of Cole and other missionaries and that the Lord would continue to give them courage to serve in trying times.

*name changed for security