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It’s recorded in Acts 1 that Jesus wanted His followers
to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth. And
today we’re going to pray for one of our missionaries
who serves in an “end-of-the-earth” kind of place: the
Amazon rainforest. We’ll call this missionary Brooke. Our
church supports her ministry through our Cooperative

The tribe of people Brooke is trying to reach live deep
in the forest. They do not have much contact with the
outside world; when they do, the results are usually
bad. They have to travel five days by boat to get to the
nearest town – that’s where they go to collect their
meager welfare checks. Then they head to the nearest
liquor store to buy alcohol and go on a drinking binge.

That’s how a girl we’ll call Katia was when Brooke met
her. Brooke would go by her home to pick her up for
Bible study and find Katia lying in her hammock, hung
over from drinking. Brooke did not complain, just got
her sobered up enough to go to the Bible study.

You can imagine what happened: Katia was saved and
her life was changed. Now she wants others in her tribe
to quit drinking and, instead, fall in love with Jesus as
she did.

We’ve been celebrating Christmas and we’re about to
start a new year. Let’s thank God for all the people who
have come to faith in Christ this year and have truly
celebrated Christmas for the first time. Let’s thank God
for missionaries who serve in places like the Amazon
rainforest. Let’s ask that God keep Brooke safe and to
bless her work.