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Anders & Jessica Snyder

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Moving from Denver to an unheard-of town in Idaho was not in the Snyders’ plans. But it fit where they felt the Holy Spirit was guiding them—to help a dying church come back to life and reach its community.

In 2018, they launched the replant of Calvary Church Nampa. The neighborhoods around the once-vibrant church are now aging and declining with a mix of Anglo and Hispanic residents. Drugs are a big problem—so are poverty and depression.
But with a strategic outreach to get to know and serve their neighbors, the Snyders are seeing God move—and now more than one hundred are worshipping and growing in faith together.

THE COOPERATIVE PROGRAM (CP) is the financial fuel for reaching every person for Jesus Christ in every town, every city, every state, and every nation. Your support of both CP and THE ANNIE ARMSTRONG EASTER OFFERING is allowing missionaries like the Snyders to replant dying churches and help them renew their mission and calling to be the light of Jesus in their communities.

PRAY for the Snyders to have wisdom in how best to serve and reach Nampa and that neighbors will be drawn to the hope of the Gospel.