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Come to the SBC Annual Meeting!

Come to the SBC Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, WHERE YOUR PRESENCE MATTERS! Read More...

Resources for Sexual Abuse Prevention

Resources to equip churches in exercising diligent scrutiny when hiring staff or choosing volunteers. Read More...

Go Tell Crusade sees 'powerful' movement

During his years of ministry, pastor Dean Haun has experienced both ends of the "success spectrum" in regard to certain events and projects. He has seen some that fall flat and some that surpass all expectations. Read More...

Today's Devotion

From the Book of 1 Chronicles:

Division of Aaron's sons; the number and offices of the singers; keepers of the treasures chosen.

Among these were the divisions of the porters, even among the chief men . . . to minister in the House of the Lord (I Chr. 26:12).

Four thousand Levites were appointed as porters to be guards and gatekeepers of Solomon's Temple. They were responsible for opening and shutting the heavy gates, warding off attacks, and excluding those who were unclean. It was a great honor to be assigned to protect the House of God. - Continue...

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