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Faith inseparable from work, Gov. Lee says

Bill Lee's decision to run for governor of Tennessee and his work in that office cannot be explained without understanding the impact of his faith, the state's highest office-holder told Christian leaders Dec. 3 at a Southern Baptist-sponsored event in Nashville. Read More...

CHRISTMAS HYMN: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

"O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is one of the most perfect hymn melodies ever written. Dating from the 8th or 9th Century, it was originally a medieval Latin antiphon, a short Psalm chanted in Christian ritual, sung as a refrain. It reminds us of the power of singing in the Dorian mode and allows us to participate in a 1200-year-old sacred Advent ritual. Read More...

Today's Devotion

From the Book of 1 Thessalonians:

Manner of Paul's preaching; his appeal for purity; the coming of the Lord.

And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you: To the end He may stablish your hearts unblameable in holiness before God, even our Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints (I Thes. 3:12,13). - Continue...

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