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Resolution On The American Bible Society

WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention continues to make the Word of God central in its mission and ministry of leading persons to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and

WHEREAS, We recognize that ready availability and widespread distribution of the printed Word of God are basic needs for missionary advance through the Bold Mission Thrust, and

WHEREAS, The American Bible Society and the other members of the United Bible Societies are providing the Scriptures, as funds are available, for the global ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention in every country and language in which Southern Baptists are ministering,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, That the messengers of the Convention encourage all state conventions, associations, agencies, and churches to make easy access to the Scripture an integral part of Bold Mission Thrust, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we encourage our churches to undergird the American Bible Society with prayer and gifts so that the worldwide subsidy for Scripture distribution will be doubled by 1980.