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Resolution On Integrity

WHEREAS, Issues of ethics and integrity have become more prevalent in recent days; and

WHEREAS, Some leaders in the public arenas of politics, business, government, academia and religion have been exposed as lacking integrity;

Be it RESOLVED, That we, the messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 13-15, 1989, affirm our own unswerving commitment to absolute personal integrity so that we might be an example to the world and not bring reproach on the name of Christ;

Be it further RESOVLED, That we affirm the absolute necessity of Christians being above reproach, honest, trustworthy, and morally pure.

And, be it finally RESOLVED, That we affirm the Christian mandate to “be holy as the Lord is holy.”

Chairman Coppenger moved the adoption of Resolution 6, with a correction noted in relation to the second paragraph as printed in the SBC Bulletin. Charles Wade (TX) moved to amend by removing the proposed corrections. The committee agreed to the amendment to keep the wording as printed. Al Staggs (NM) moved to change “men” in the same paragraph to “humanity.” The motion failed. Resolution 6, as printed in the SBC Bulletin was adopted.