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Resolution On Integrity In Stewardship

WHEREAS, Christians of all persuasions deplore tragic revelations of embarrassing misconduct and irresponsible mishandling and soliciting of funds wherever they occur in Christian ministry; and

WHEREAS, The Scriptures teach that the tithe should be given to the Lord through His local church; and

WHEREAS, Since 1925 the Cooperative Program has provided stability, accountability, and credibility for missions, evangelism, and education among Southern Baptists.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That we, the messengers of the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, June 16-18, 1987, be encouraged to support our local churches with tithes and offerings; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Southern Baptist churches be encouraged to support both associational missions and the Cooperative Program through responsible and sacrificial giving.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, That the Southern Baptist Convention make it clear to the general public that the name “Baptist,” in connection with the current president of the PTL board and the fact that two Southern Baptist leaders are on the current PTL board of directors, in no way officially connects the Southern Baptist Convention to either PTL or Moral Majority.