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Resolution On Human Freedom

We reaffirm our historic stand for human freedom, self government, and religious liberty for all people. We pledge to fellow Baptists and to all others who do not enjoy true freedom that we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers, and will work continually with them for the ultimate realization of their right to full freedom of religion and the other inalienable liberties with which all mankind is endowed by the Creator.


WHEREAS, Christian people have historically felt a concern and a sense of responsibility for the social structure of their contemporary societies, and

WHEREAS, The Southern Baptist Convention has from time to time felt the advisability of expressing itself on questions of great national moment, and

WHEREAS, The issues underlying the problems involved in our social adjustments today are essentially spiritual in nature, and

WHEREAS, The problems are not sectional but national in scope, and

WHEREAS, Southern Baptists historically have preached and taught the principles of individual responsibility on all religious matters,

Be it therefore RESOLVED:

1. That this Southern Baptist Convention state again its firm belief that such problems are not solved except within the framework of Christian love, compassion, mutual confidence, and prayer, and

2. That we offer our hope and prayer that all concerned shall maintain open communications so that an atmosphere of knowledge and truth may be developed out of which a spiritual and Christian settlement may be determined, and

3. That this Southern Baptist Convention urge all of its messengers herein constituted to confront any and all problems in the light of the spiritual issues involved and to make it a matter of prayer and personal commitment, and

4. That we reaffirm our belief in the responsibility of every individual and local community to seek out solutions consistent with the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ, conscious that the only permanent and satisfactory solutions must be based upon Christian concepts.