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Resolution On America And Chinas Invasion

The Southern Baptist Convention with more than 4,000 messengers present from churches of 18 states representing a denomination of more than four and a half million communicant members, and now in session at Oklahoma City, hereby expresses our deep sense of regret and dissatisfaction with the large part American manufacturers and merchants are having in the revolting, inhuman and barbaric invasion and spoliation of China by Japan, involving as it does the wanton, wholesale slaughter of the Chinese people in the effort to subjugate the Chinese and destroy the independence of China.

We understand and sympathize with the normal needs of Japan, but these cannot justify the imperialism of the militaristic regime by which the human rights of another people are ruthlessly disregarded. We are especially concerned over the fact that Americans are sharing so largely in this unholy work and without interference by the American Government. We most earnestly plead with our National Administration and our Congress most speedily to take every possible measure to stop the supply of the instruments and materials of destruction from flowing from our country into Japan. And we instruct our Secretaries to transmit this action to the President of the United States, the State Department and the Chairmen of the Committees on Foreign Affairs of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

We further suggest the imminent desirability that our people throughout the territory of our Convention shall write to their representatives in both Houses of Congress, earnestly urging action to stop American participation in this war of conquest.


1. That in view of the present confused and disturbed International Relations we pledge ourselves anew to the spirit of peace and to the cultivation of that spirit among our people and in our relation to all other peoples.

2. That we suggest to the pastors and churches the advisability of setting up and maintaining a peace committee in every church for the dissemination of information and the cultivation of the spirit of peace.

3. That if and when such committees shall be appointed it will be well for them not to enter into any organic contacts or relations with any general bodies without the full understanding and authority of their respective churches. This rule must apply to all committees and auxiliary organizations in our Baptist Churches if we are to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the churches as New Testament democracies, free to cooperate through their own denominational agencies and at the same time free from entanling alliances with interdenominational and unionizing organizations and movements.