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Resolution Ii

RESOLVED, That this Convention through a committee or agency to be designated by the President consider the question of establishing a Baptist Daily in the City of Washington, D.C., and report its recommendations to the next meeting of the Convention.


WHEREAS, This Convention has voted to go to Augusta, Georgia, with the 1945 sessions, during which we expect to observe in as fitting manner as possible the 100th anniversary of our existence; and

WHEREAS, We confidently believe that by May, 1945, the churches affiliated with us will have not less than 6,000,000 members, and that we may reasonably expect at least 10,000 messengers from these churches in attendance on the sessions; and,

WHEREAS, We should arrange for suitable exhibit space in Augusta to present as attractively as possible the work and accomplishments of the institutions and agencies of this Convention during this first century of our existence; and,

WHEREAS, It is very likely that we shall desire to present rather extensive and imposing pageants to make live before us and to impress upon us anew some outstanding facts connected with our glorious history; and,

WHEREAS, If we fittingly observe our centennial we must arrange for special recognition of the descendants of these pioneers who organized this body 100 years ago, and for proper recognition of those among us in 1945 who are the descendants of our thousands of missionaries, and others of our Baptist leaders, who have served our God with us during the past century; and,

WHEREAS, It is best for our Southern Baptist welfare to keep all of us from the great city on out to last and far removed rural community as fully informed as possible about our history, our present plans and our hopes for the future and that therefore we should arrange for the largest and most wide-spread attendance on our sessions during our 100th anniversary celebration; and,

WHEREAS, We are informed that the capacity of the auditorium, exhibit space and hotel facilities of Augusta, do not permit more than average accommodations to care for our far more than usual Centennial sessions;

Therefore Be It RESOLVED, That this Convention instruct the Executive Committee to take whatever steps are necessary to arrange for the most adequate accommodations possible in Augusta for the greatest meeting of our Convention in 1945, greatest in attendance and spiritual power that this body has ever held, that our Southern Baptist Boards and institutions be instructed to cooperate in these preparations with their influence and funds, and that our State Conventions be asked to give their help in every way they can to our Executive Committee in these efforts to get ready for the most worthy celebration of our Centennial in 1945.