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Resolution Concerning Race Relations

Be it resolved by the Southern Baptist Convention in annual session assembled in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, June 12-16, 1940:

1. That we hereby express and record our deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude that the sacrifice of human life at the hands of mobs has now practically disappeared from our land.

2. That we will continue to exercise all diligence and to urge upon our entire Baptist constituency and upon the citizenry at large the continued exercise of all diligence that this form of barbarism may be entirely banished and may have no recrudescence.

3. That we rejoice in the continued lessening of interracial antipathies and friction and in the increasing betterment of interracial understanding, good will and cooperation.

4. That we shall strive to cultivate and perpetuate this growing inter-racial good will and shall strive to the end that our friends and neighbors of the Negro race shall have, in all instances, equal and impartial justice before the courts; better and more equitable opportunities in industrial, business, and professional engagements; and a more equitable share in public funds and more adequate opportunities in the field of education