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Victor & Ludmila Moura

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For years, many within Boston, Massachusetts’ Brazilian population have struggled with work and family relationships. Hopelessness looms as less than 3% of New England’s Brazilian population have an active faith in Jesus.

As Victor and Ludmila Moura learned more about the needs of the Brazilians in Boston, God began calling them from their comfortable life in Brazil, where Victor pastored a growing church and Ludmila served as a government lawyer. Although they didn’t want to leave everything they knew behind, they eventually answered God’s call.

Because of their obedience to God, the Mouras planted Grace Church in 2019 and it has become a blessing to the Brazilian community, particularly following the spread of COVID-19.

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PRAY for the Moura’s ministry and that their church will have more opportunities to help Brazilians in Boston discover Jesus.