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Tom & Cynthia Martin

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If I mention Las Vegas today, most of us will think of casinos and
gambling and all that sort of thing.

What we probably do not think about at first is immigrants. But
every year thousands of immigrants move to the Las Vegas area.

And this is what we want to pray about today.

Tom and Cynthia Martin served 17 years as missionaries in South
America. After they returned to the States in 2009, Cynthia began
a ministry called “Safely Home.” It helps refugees by teaching
them English and how to live in their new land.

Along the way she also tells them how to have a relationship
with Jesus Christ. A special Bible verse God showed Cynthia was
Leviticus 19:34 – “You will regard the alien who resides with
you as the native-born among you.”

Our church helps support this ministry through our Cooperative
Program giving.

Let’s pray now that many refugees will come to understand that
God who made the universe also cares for them.