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Randy & Anita Jordan

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We know that whoever works with young people helps shape the
future. And today during our prayer time, we are going to pray for
two of our missionaries who are shaping the future of the Philippines.
Randy and Anita Jordan serve in Manila, the capital city of the
Philippines. We support them through our church’s Cooperative
Program giving.

They work with students at three major universities in metro Manila.
That means they reach students for Christ and disciple them in the
Christian faith.

Most of these students have, at most, only heard the name “Jesus.”
They do not know Him personally or even know that’s possible.

One young man named Aviel was not a Christian, so every time
he had a problem, he got angry and blamed God. Another student
shared the gospel with Aviel and took him to church, where he met
Randy and Anita. They discipled Aviel and his life turned around.

As we pray today, let’s ask God to give Randy and Anita wisdom
as they work with students. One day these students will shape
the future of their country, the Philippines. Let’s pray that future
includes Jesus Christ!