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Quintin & Kim Ratliff

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Today in our prayer time we are going to focus on northern Thailand.

That’s where the Khon Muang people live. Our church has helped
send our missionaries, Quintin and Kim Ratliff, to reach those
people for Christ.

So far, there are only a very few Christians among the Khon Muang
people: 98 percent of them are Buddhist.

Quintin and Kim have been visiting a village where there was just
one believer, a grandmother they call Mama Glass. They have been
holding Bible studies in her home and so far, two young people
have come to faith in Christ.

Last Christmas, Mama Glass played Christian music loud enough
for other villagers to hear. The Khon Muang people love music
and they listened. She could tell they were touched by the songs
about Jesus.

We are supporting Quintin and Kim and their ministry in Thailand
through our church’s Cooperative Program giving.

Let’s pray now that the Lord will keep them safe and bless their
work with many new believers. Let’s pray that they find many
strong believers like Mama Glass who will reach people for Christ.