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Muche & Diamone Ukegbu

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We’ve all seen pictures of the swank buildings and boats that are in
Miami, Florida.

Our missionaries we are going to pray for today are serving in the Miami
area, but they are nowhere near that high-income zone.

Muche and Diamone Ukegbu have planted a new church called The
Brook Church on the north side of Miami. They are reaching immigrants
who have come from Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and other
Spanish-speaking nations.

Over the past 30 or so years, the neighborhoods changed as newcomers
moved in. A number of Anglo churches closed or moved. Now many
new churches are needed.

Reaching internationals is hard, but The Brook Church is growing.
Muche grew up in inner-city Houston, Texas. His own brother was
murdered there at age 21. Muche feels at home in these neighborhoods
filled with Hispanics.

Our church has helped send Muche and Diamone to Miami and we’re
helping support their ministry because we give through the Cooperative
Program. That’s why we can say they are “our” missionaries!

Now, let’s pray for this missionary couple and their ministry of helping
bring people to faith in Jesus Christ there in north Miami.