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Jeremiah Brinkman

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Today in our prayer time, we’re going to pray for one of our
missionaries who serves in New York City.

His name is Jeremiah Brinkman and his ministry is telling new
immigrants about Jesus. New York has many immigrants, who have
come literally from all over the world.

Most have the same problems – they usually have little money and
have to figure out how to make a living and support their families.
They may speak little or no English, so life for immigrants is often hard.

That’s where Jeremiah’s ministry begins. He welcomes them and
provides meals, helps them learn their way around the city.

He first tries to be a friend. Then, later, he is able to tell the newcomers
about the love of Jesus and how they can follow Him.

Jeremiah is helping plant new churches all across New York City,
because thousands of new, Bible-believing churches are needed
there. Our church supports Jeremiah and his ministry through our
Cooperative Program giving.

Remember that many immigrants who come to New York City are
from countries where churches are forbidden. Now that they CAN
hear the gospel, we must make sure they DO hear!