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DJ Jenkins

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Today in our prayer time, indirectly we’re going to pray for the
future of television. Sometimes we see what’s on TV and we wish
programs were more in keeping with Christian values. Today we
are going to pray for DJ Jenkins who might help that happen.

DJ prepared for ministry at Gateway Seminary of the Southern
Baptist Convention, whose main campus is at Ontario, California.
That’s one of the six Southern Baptist seminaries our church
supports through our Cooperative Program giving – so we invested
in his ministry. In 2014 DJ planted a new church called Anthology
Church. It meets in Studio City. That’s a part of Los Angeles where
films and TV shows have been produced for many years.

Here’s where Marshall Matt Dillon fought bad men on “Gunsmoke”
and the CBS studio where Mary Tyler Moore pretended to be in
Minneapolis. About 40,000 people live in Studio City and many of
them work on the films and TV programs watched by millions of
Americans. The church wants to reach these storytellers.

Let’s pray for DJ and the growing church he leads. Let’s pray that
the church will reach many, so one day the stories they tell will
reflect Jesus Christ.