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Alan & Beth Locke

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Today in our prayer time we will focus on Africa and specifically
the nation of Ghana, in West Africa. That’s where our missionaries,
Alan and Beth Locke, are serving. Their ministry is a little unusual.
Across Ghana, many churches have sprung up over the years.

But too many of those churches tell people to follow Jesus just so
they will become rich. Some groups call themselves churches, even
though they made up their own beliefs and never saw a Bible,
much less read it.

So Alan is a sort of gospel truth teacher. He visits these groups,
teaches them what the Bible really says and how they can truly
be saved. Then he disciples them in Bible-based Christian faith. He
tries to get them focused on heavenly riches, not the worldly kind.

Our church is supporting Alan and Beth in Africa through our church’s
Cooperative Program giving.

Let’s pray for them now and ask God to bless their ministry as they
show people how to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Ghana is a nation of 30 million people. Every church needs to be
Bible-based and focused on the gospel, not money!