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On Anticipation of a Historic Moment in the Pro-life Movement

WHEREAS, Scripture reveals that all human life is created in the image of God, and therefore sacred to our Creator (Genesis 1:27; 9:6); and WHEREAS, The Bible affirms that the […]

Give Today

You can make an impact today. Lottie Moon Christmas Offering – The International Mission Board sends people to the nations to share the good news of Jesus. Annie Armstrong Easter […]

On Taxpayer Complicity In Abortion And The Hyde Amendment

WHEREAS, The Bible clearly and unequivocally affirms the sanctity of every human life made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27; 9:6), a truth to which Christians in every century have testified […]

On Abolishing Abortion

WHEREAS, from the moment of fertilization, all humans are created in God’s image by, through, and for Jesus to the glory of God, and all souls belong to Him (Genesis […]