Southern Baptist Convention

WHEREAS, The beloved executive secretary, Dr. Courts Redford, of our Home Mission Board is retiring at the end of this year, 1964; and, since this Convention in its 107th session would wish to express itself in appreciation of and affection for this noble leader,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That we gratefully recognize the goodness and wisdom of God in directing the choice and the labor of so effective a servant to lead Southern Baptists in their Home Mission efforts in these strategic years from 1954-1964;

That we review, with thanksgiving, the broadened base for the present and future operations of the Home Mission Board which is so largely attributable to his vision and consecration, his organizational and leadership abilities, his care and concern to reflect the mind and faithfully follow the will of his Master.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we commend to our Convention the example of this humble and devoted churchman whose love for our Lord is the most evident thing about him, whose concern for the lost of the land is the obvious burden of his heart, whose commitment to the engaging task of claiming our nation for Christ found him imaginatively exploring additional fields, areas, methods and techniques that he might claim the most and the best for his cause, whose allegiance to his Lord is unquestioned and unexcelled, counting himself expendable for the glory of God.


As in years past, our Convention has in this year been led by some of our ablest men and women. We are grateful to God for the dedicated leadership thus afforded us, and express our sincere appreciation to these leaders.

We are grateful to Dr. K. Owen White for his wisdom and prudence as exhibited in his handling of the presidency this year. The Convention is aware of the inordinate demands made upon its president, and expresses deep appreciation for the service rendered by Dr. White. To the members of the First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas, we also express our appreciation for having given us their pastor for this past year.

We acknowledge with gratitude the leadership of Vice-Presidents Paul S. James and Mrs. R. L. Mathis. It is especially noteworthy that Mrs. Mathis is the first woman to serve as an officer of this Convention. The service of our secretaries and our treasurer is always to be commended. Dr. Merritt, Dr. Burton, and Dr. Routh are selfless and tireless in their services to the Convention.

Dr. James White Merritt has served as our senior secretary for the past ten years. He has rendered a conspicuous service of dependability and accuracy in the recording and preserving of the record of our Convention. At his request, his service to the Convention in this capacity ends with this session.

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, That this 107th session of the Southern Baptist Convention express its heartfelt appreciation to this devoted layman, who has served this Convention with great effectiveness. Throughout all of the years Dr. Merritt has served us with distinction. Faithful, devoted, conscientious, wise, and unerring, Dr. Merritt has proven a most valuable asset to our Convention. We thank God for him and for calling him to this service.

Tribute was also paid to Miss Clara A. McCartt who, for the past twelve years, has served as assistant to the Senior Secretary of the Convention.

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