In view of giving the gospel to American soldiers, who have enlisted for the defense of our country, to protect people from internal feuds and enemies without, and knowing that this enlistment exposes them to temptations and dangers incident to army life; American Christians recognize the sacred obligation of preaching the gospel to them, which alone insures certain and everlasting victory to the believer.

WHEREAS, Civil liberty, the democracy for the people against autocracy, the rule of the autocrat is now the contest between the nations of the world; and,

WHEREAS, Religious liberty cannot be absolute where any of its appointments or appropriations are by authority of the state;

WHEREAS, The army Chaplain appointed by state authority as the religious teacher of the country's soldiers is dependent on the state for support and is amenable to the state for regulation of duties and conduct; and,

WHEREAS, The different Christian denominations of this republic can and would send voluntarily through their agencies, religious teachers to all departments of the army and navy.

WHEREAS, The salaries paid to Army Chaplains would equal many Liberty Bonds,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, By the Southern Baptist Convention assembled, representing a membership in the Southern States of about three million white Baptists and a constituency much larger, that the Congress of the United States be memorialized to consider the propriety and rightfulness of abolishing the Army Chaplaincies leaving the religious services to the discretion and election of the different Christian denominations, which services shall in nowise hinder in any military movement of the army or any part of it, these services seeking only for an open door and protection as American citizens in performance of said religious duties.

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