A Note From Dr. Page

A Note from Executive Committee President
Dr. Frank Page

The National Stewardship Initiative It’s A New Day presented by the Executive Committee, is a BIG step toward bringing financial freedom, help, and resources to individuals, families, and churches. This initiative is about the lordship of Christ in our lives and making Him Lord of everything. After all, God owns it all, and we are stewards of everything He has entrusted to us.

At the core of our Stewardship Initiative is a collaborative relationship with Crown Financial Ministries. Crown Financial Ministries is distinguished by its integrity and commitment as the consummate and primary resource for personal money management in North America and around the world. The SBC Executive Committee, in coordination with Crown Financial Ministries, will work with our state conventions, associations, churches, and pastors to bring the best financial resources, at affordable prices, to individuals and families. It is our privilege to offer a plan to liberate people from the bondage of debt, making it possible for every Southern Baptist to fulfill the unique ministry and purpose(s) for which God has called them! We invite you to help us bring freedom and liberty to people in every city and state by making Jesus Christ Lord over all.

There has never been a better time to put our financial houses in order than right now!  It is my prayer that every Southern Baptist will settle the Lordship issue in their life, begin a personal journey of financial freedom, get out of debt, invest in the future, give to the Kingdom and be ready to say yes, whenever and wherever God calls!