About The Crown Financial Ministries Alliance

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce exciting news about an alliance between the Southern Baptist Convention and Crown Financial Ministries.

At the 2006 SBC meeting in Greensboro, NC, a decision was passed to move the overall teaching of stewardship from Lifeway Resources to the Southern Baptist Executive Committee.

As a result of this, the Executive Committee selected Crown Financial Ministries to be the program of choice in teaching and delivering a comprehensive program of stewardship to the many Southern Baptist churches across the nation. Crown has distinguished themselves as a leading provider of christian resources on budgeting, debt management & resolution and total commitment to a lordship lifesyle for every believer!

This alliance has a multi-purposed approach that will include Crown teaching solutions, high impact pastor’s conferences, ongoing stewardship teaching for churches, online budgeting resources (Mvelopes) and much more.

Thank you for your interest and part in this wonderful partnership with Crown Financial Ministries. We look forward to a bright future together.