"It’s A New Day” is about stewardship! It’s about the lordship of Christ over everything in our lives! It’s about getting out of debt! It’s about being ready to fulfill God’s call upon our lives! The SBC Executive Committee is pleased to present this New National Stewardship initiative to Southern Baptists with faith and excitement for its potential. Imagine what churches could do for the kingdom if their members were not burdened with debt. Imagine what could be accomplished if church members were free to fulfill God’s call of ministry. There has never been a better time than NOW to experience true joy and liberty that comes through financial freedom!

Ashley Clayton Ashley Clayton has joined the staff of the Executive Committee as Associate Vice President for Stewardship. Ashley has been a practitioner in local churches for many years and brings experience, knowledge, and a broad network of relationships to the Executive Committee. Ashley is working with state conventions, associations, and churches to implement It’s A New Day strategies, as well as identify quality resources, at affordable prices for individuals and churches. For more information, please contact us at the Executive Committee Stewardship Office, 615-782-8680, or e-mail itsanewday@sbc.net.