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•He is a nurturing leader who grows personally and spiritually, helps others grow, emphasizes discipleship and spiritual growth.
*He is a person with a leadership vision and a well-developed vision for the future of the church.
•He is an effective communicator of well-prepared sermons.
•He is a gifted teacher who enables persons to learn and understand deep spiritual truths.
•He is a person who emphasizes evangelism and the importance of lifestyle witnessing.
•He has a strong desire to help the church develop and maintain children and youth ministries.
•He maintains a devoted, spiritual, and balanced family life at home.
•It is preferred that he has a master’s degree from seminary.
•He has some church ministry experience such as being on a church staff.
•He has an understanding of rural communities.
*He is open to possibility of being bi-vocational


Rick Beacham