Southern Baptist Convention

The Youth/Worship minister will combine to organize celebrative, meaningful worship services and oversee the church’s music ministries, and minister to youth grades 7-12 and their families.


Youth Ministry

1. Meet regularly (at least quarterly) with youth ministry leaders to pray and to discuss upcoming events, challenges, solutions and praises.
2. Recruit youth workers as needed. Provide training for youth workers as needed. Plan one major training/inspirational workshop a year.
3. Provide counseling and spiritual direction to teens on an individual basis.
4. Participate in outreach ministry to teens who have visited the church: visits, letters, etc.
5. Lead midweek Bible study for teens.
6. Plan at least one yearly youth retreat/camp for the purpose of spiritual edification.
7. Develop the youth ministry budget and track expenditures throughout the year.

Worship Ministry

1. Plan celebrative and meaningful worship services in conjunction with the pastor.
2. Lead the church’s worship services, including congregational singing.
3. Oversee and direct the church’s music ministry (includes conducting rehearsals).
4. Arrange, select and direct special singing or instrumental groups and soloists.
5. Make sure platform/sanctuary is properly arranged for services and special productions.
6. Pray for, uplift and minister to those who are involved in the worship ministry.
7. Ensure the church secretary has the worship music for insertion in the bulletin.


Mr. Clint Havard
(251) 846-2263


70 5th Ave.
Millry, AL 36558-2263
(251) 846-2263