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Mission: Responsible to Christ and the church for a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate ministry of Christian care and discipleship for seventh grade through college students as well as direction and oversight of the recreational ministries.

1. Exhibits Christ’s call to discipleship in Matthew 16:24-27.
2. Exhibits Christ’s call to servant leadership in Luke 22:24-27 and 1 Peter 5:1-4.
3. Exhibits the moral qualities of pastoral leadership in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
4. Exhibits a call to student ministry according to the mission, qualifications, and functions as outlined in this job description. At least one to three years of experience preferred.
5. Exhibits a call to the Wedgwood Baptist Church family by enthusiastically supporting the church’s mission, values, and ministries.
6. Has a minimum Bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university. Seminary degree preferred.



Objective: Oversees the ministry strategy of the Student and Recreation Ministry.
1. Regularly evaluates the mission and values of the ministry with staff, parents, and volunteers - ensuring harmony with the overall mission and values of the church.
2. Documents and communicates the direction and goals to staff, parents, and volunteers.

Objective: Equips and empowers volunteers to serve in the Student and Recreation Ministry.
1. Oversees the enlistment, training, and evaluation of paid staff and volunteers. Delegate and follow up consistently on that delegation.
2. Oversees the dismissal of paid staff and volunteers as needed.
3. Plans and facilitates regular Student and Recreation team meetings.

Objective: Administers the Student and Recreation Ministry.
1. Plans and advises in the use of ministry materials, equipment, supplies, and space.
2. Assists with planning and conducting special projects such as camps and retreats, and mission trips.
3. Works with organizational leaders to coordinate outreach to visit prospects and absentees.
4. Works with program leaders and teachers and appropriate staff members to resolve philosophical, procedural, and scheduling problems.
5. Enlists, trains, supervises, and evaluates the work of ministry Coordinators.
6. Prepares, oversees, and ensures the accuracy of the annual Student and Recreation ministry budget.

Objective: Oversees effective communication with Wedgwood staff, volunteers, and families.
1. Exhibits in all words and actions the value of the ministry.
2. Addresses and mediate issues as they arise appropriately.
3. Facilitates the appreciation and celebration of progress and service.
4. Facilitates appropriate and clear communication through appropriate venues.
A. In person
B. Electronically
C. Printed materials

Care and Nurture

Objective: Plans and implements appropriate outreach to guests and the un-churched in the community, and in-reach to members as needed.
1. Conducts congregational care visits (hospital, nursing homes, homebound, etc.); be available for counseling, funerals, etc. as needed.
2. Ensures the tracking and contacting of absentee members and guests.
3. Engages the unchurched. Look for opportunities to share Christ and encourage believers to mature in Christ.
4. Creates and implements activities that encourage believers to mature in Christ.
5. Is available for and schedules meetings with students, families, staff, and volunteers.
6. Actively engages in an effective personal ministry of outreach and teaching.
7. Participates in decision counseling with students and families to properly discern decisions for Christ.


Objective: Cooperates with staff, volunteers, families, and ministries of the church.
1. Aligns ministry goals with the mission and values of the church.
2. Submits to pastoral authority and authority of immediate supervisor.
3. Involves God, church staff, volunteers, and families in decision-making processes.
4. Supports and encourages ministries that utilize and work in conjunction with this ministry.

Classification: Full-time; Exempt.

Supervisor: Associate Pastor for Ministry Leadership.
1. Job performance will be reviewed at least annually, and the results will be presented to the Personnel Committee.

Work Schedule:
1. Will consist of at least 40 hours per week, with specific hours of work to be arranged and approved by the Supervisor.
2. Time off will be allowed for the purpose of attending conventions, conferences, and mission opportunities, as outlined in the Human Resource Policy & Procedure Handbook.
3. The employee shall have paid vacation, sick leave, and other leaves of absence, as outlined in the Human Resource Policy & Procedure Handbook.

1. Salary shall seek to reflect the industry’s average tenure and performance.
2. The employee shall have paid vacation, sick leave, and other leaves of absence as outlined in the Human Resource Policy & Procedure Handbook.
3. The church provides medical insurance for the employee and an amount for retirement equal to 10% of the employee’s base salary. An employee may opt to use the retirement benefit dollars to offset the cost of dependent healthcare.
4. A life insurance policy of 1 times (1x) base salary is provided, as well as group long-term disability coverage.


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