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Rogersville First Baptist Church is a medium-sized body of believers that exists to exalt Jesus, equip believers, and to express the love of Christ to our community and beyond. With a multi-generational membership and a sweet spirit of fellowship that God has given, FBC is rightly described as a church “family.” Located in the heart of historic Rogersville, TN, First Baptist Church has a rich history of kingdom influence and impact in this wonderful community. FBC firmly believes that God’s word commands and compels his people to continue to reach and disciple all people in Christ. The church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 as an accurate representation of its doctrinal beliefs. It is with these doctrinal commitments and a heart to continue reaching students and their families that a Pastor for Students and Families is being prayerfully sought. With the support and help of FBC volunteers, the student ministry has continued to be very active in this “interim” season. Prayerfully, FBC awaits the one God is calling to oversee this vital ministry. The Pastor for Students and Families will be responsible to lead and coordinate a 7th - 12th grade student ministry that strategically partners with parents to impact the next generation for Christ.

JOB DESCRIPTION—Pastor for Students and Families
The Pastor for Students and Families is responsible to lead and coordinate a 7th - 12th grade student ministry that strategically partners with parents to impact the next generation for Christ.

Working Relationships: The Pastor for Students and Families reports to and serves under the direction of the Lead Pastor. This minister will also collaborate with church staff regularly at staff meetings, working with the staff to accomplish the overall mission of FBC. The youth council shall serve as a planning, advisory, and support council to the Pastor for Students and Families.

Primary Areas of Responsibility: Job Responsibilities will primarily fall into four general areas: outreach; discipleship; assimilation; and leadership development.

> Outreach: lead the student ministry to reach students and equip them to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This involves developing a missional culture within the student ministry, whereby the lost are welcomed and invited into a growing relationship with Christ. This also involves reaching into our local community, coordinating events/retreats with an evangelistic objective, and equipping parents to share the gospel with their children.

> Discipleship: develop and implement an overarching plan for the discipleship of students, with the goal that students would grow in their knowledge of and obedience to Jesus Christ. This involves teaching and coordinating during regularly scheduled meeting times (i.e. Sundays and Wednesdays), retreats/events, and mission opportunities. This also involves equipping parents to disciple their children at home.

> Assimilation: create regular opportunities and encourage a culture where students build godly intergenerational relationships and are connected to the overall life of the FBC family. This also involves developing and implementing a strategy to help families of children who are moving up from the children’s ministry to transition well into the discipleship plan of the student ministry.

> Leadership Development: equip and encourage students and student ministry volunteers to serve in their areas of giftedness. This involves providing volunteers with regular training and/or coaching opportunities, while also mobilizing students to serve both inside and outside the walls of the church building.

The Pastor for Students and Families is expected to recruit and delegate responsibility as necessary rather than bear the work load of the student ministry alone. This minister is recognized as a fellow servant of Jesus Christ and minister to the gospel, being held accountable to God for the manner in which the aforementioned responsibilities are carried out. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the Pastor for Students and Families be motivated by a holy calling, demonstrating an attitude that is eager to serve Christ well. Other expectations include:

> Be a team player. This includes interactions with FBC staff (i.e. participating in regular staff meetings) and also the membership of FBC.

> Maintain a flexible but regular schedule in the church office. Effective student ministry requires a flexible work schedule and times of off-campus visitation and outreach, but a healthy balance of office hours/off-campus ministry should be realized.

> Be punctual and faithful in attendance. This includes showing up sufficiently early for scheduled student ministry activities to allow time for preparation and for welcoming students and leaders as they arrive.

> Maintain healthy relational boundaries with students, and train student ministry leadership to do the same.

> Practice wisdom and discernment in decision making, thereby carefully guarding the safety of students and leaders while also protecting FBC from legal liability or being cast in a negative light in the community.

> Give counsel when appropriate, and/or direct guidance to another professional setting, to meet the special needs of young people and their parents.

> Accept other duties as assigned.

As one who is entrusted in a position of spiritual leadership, the Pastor for Students and Families is expected to live out a growing and daily walk with Jesus Christ, which shows itself not only in devotion to God but in relationship with others:

> Seek the mind of Christ and guidance of the Holy Spirit in all things, relying on the Bible as the inerrant Word of God to guide faith and practice.

> Be humble, teachable, willing to learn, and accepting of loving correction when necessary.

> Be motivated by a compelling inner-desire to serve Christ and others through student ministry.

> Be a person of integrity in his family, the church and the community.

> Be loving and gracious to all.

> Use his ministry gifts, knowledge, and wisdom to glorify Christ through the church.

> Resolve conflict in a biblical manner, avoiding gossip and slander which ultimately damages the witness of Jesus Christ among the lost.


Qualifications: Candidates for this position will be motivated by a compelling inner-desire and calling to serve Christ and others through student and family ministry. The Scriptural qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 will apply to the candidate. The ideal candidate will also be gifted in leadership, teaching, planning, organization, and communication. Additional qualifications are:
>Affirm the Baptist Faith and Message 2000
>Minimum 2 years of ministry experience (vocational or volunteer)
>Seminary degree/theological education is desired.

If prayerfully interested in this position, please send a cover letter, current resume, and references to or mail them to First Baptist Church, P.O. Box 267, 119 W. Washington St. Rogersville, TN 37857. The deadline for receiving resumes is March 31, 2020.


Trey Meek
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Rogersville First Baptist Church

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