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Whiteville Baptist Church is seeking a Bi-vocational Pastor. We are a rural church that adheres to SBC mission. Please email resume to or mail via US Postal Service to Whiteville Baptist Church, PO Box 252, Gassville, Arkansas 72635.


Whiteville Baptist Church Pastor Job Description

Principle Function:
The pastor is to be the spiritual leader of the church. He is responsible to the Lord and the church to primarily proclaim the gospel and teach the Bible. He is also to engage in pastoral care, provide supervisory leadership in all areas and to administrate the ministry staff.

Educational and Experience Requirements:
Some formal education preferred, but not required if experience is satisfactory.
Experience in a Pastoral position preferred, but not required.

Function of the Pastor, as stated by By-laws of this Church:
The pastor will adhere to all the Church By-laws and Constitutions. The following are the duties as pertain to our Pastor, as stated in our constitution:
“Section 3: DUTIES. It shall be the responsibility of the Pastor to lead the Church and to direct the coordination of its total program and to perform the various other duties pertaining to his office as set forth in the Word of God. Except as otherwise provided herein, the Pastor shall act as moderator of the Church and shall serve as Ex-officio member of all committees and organizations of the Church.”

Ministry Requirements and Responsibilities in addition to above:
1. Work with the Worship Leader to plan and conduct worship services; prepare and deliver sermons and lead in observance of the church ordinances (i.e., The Lords Supper, and Baptism).
2. Lead the church in an effective evangelism program and in a caring ministry for those in the church and community to spread the Gospel.
3. Lead in an effective program of visiting members and prospects. This includes illness/hospital visitation.
4. Conduct counseling sessions. Perform wedding ceremonies and funerals in accordance to church constitution and amendments.
5. Lead the church in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating the total program of the church.
6. Cooperate with the local association (White River Baptist Association), state convention (Arkansas State Baptist Convention) and Southern Baptist Convention leadership in matters of mutual interest and concern. Represent the church in civic matters.
7. As Moderator at church business meetings, it is expected that Roberts Rules of Order must be followed and that biblical guidance to such meetings be given.
8. Serve as supervisor of the work of the ministry staff, such as Sunday School teachers, Worship Leader, Song Leader, and any other ministry leader or teacher.
9. Attend all services held at or by the Church, both regular services and special events/services. If pastor is bi-vocational, his schedule must be made known prior to being hired and attendance requirements will be negotiated prior to final hiring agreement.
10. Maintain a vital and wholesome personal relationship with the Lord through daily Bible study and prayer.
11. Must effectively run his household with biblical principles.
12. Acquaint himself with the congregation in order to understand both individual and church spiritual needs.


Sally Hall

Whiteville Baptist Church

HWY 126 N ON CO RD 715