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The purpose of this position, which is viewed as a ministry, is to support pastoral staff at Grand Island Baptist Church. The Ministry Assistant position is a 4 day, 32 hour work week. Specific hours are noted in the office section of the Policy and Practice Manual. The Ministry Assistant must be a professing Christian whose lifestyle is in keeping with the faith and practice of this church. The ministry assistant must also understand the nature of ministry within the local church. Since confidentiality is of the utmost importance for this position, financial and personal information of church members may not be discussed outside the office.
Anticipated Time Commitments
1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: Approximately 32 hours per week. Reports all absences to the Senior Pastor.
2. Participating in meetings/training: as necessary
1. Receives incoming phone calls
2. Act as receptionist for the Pastor
3. Types correspondence assigned by the Pastor or staff
4. Responsible for keeping the church calendar updated
5. Checks mail daily
6. Maintains church membership information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.)
7. Maintains file of invoices and receipts
8. Keeps business office in an orderly fashion.

1. Prepares bulletins, Weekly Prayer Sheet and other handouts for Sunday and Wednesday worship services; copies Children’s Ministry bulletins.
2. Prepares items for video projection.
3. Copies music for pianist and other musicians as required.
4. Enters weekly tithing records.
5. Organizes and forwards tear-off sheets to notify ministry leaders of needs.
6. Correspondence and administrative support as required.
7. Keeps tract of membership in Servant Keeper Database.
8. Prepares and distributes new member packets.

1. Prints report for business meetings.
2. Sends reminders to deacons of meetings.

1. Assists with the preparation of the annual church profile.
2. Orders offering envelopes.
3. Prepares end of the year tithing records.

Miscellaneous Duties:
1. Schedules and coordinates information with couples regarding weddings and assists wedding coordinators.
2. Updates and maintains volunteer profile to include background checks.
3. Helps Sunday School program administratively as needed.
4. Notifies Pastor and Ministry Leaders regarding church members who are hospitalized or disabled; births, deaths, weddings and other events of church members and families of members.
5. Assists with special events, to include advertising, as needed.
6. Records and acknowledges memorial gifts, sending notes to family of the memorialized.
7. Helps schedule building maintenance.
8. Assists the community with benevolence requests
9. Performs Church Clerk duties as needed
10. Keeps track of Southern Baptist Missions to promote in the church bulletin. Orders supplies as needed for this.
11. Keeps up with the news of the Lake County Baptist Association and advertise events and other information as needed.
12. Adheres to all Personnel Policies of Grand Island Baptist Church.
13. Performs other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


Position may be filled by a Grand Island Baptist Church member or may be another qualified and approved applicant.
Talents/Skills/Education and Experience required: Stable, maturing Christian with good organizational, administrative, planning skills, good communicator and an overall dependable. Technical computer skills, organizational skills, good multi-tasker and detail-oriented.


Kenny Derryberry, Personnel Committee
(352) 357-0008

Grand Island Baptist Church

13229 County Rd 44
Grand Island, FL 32735-9654
(352) 357-0008