Southern Baptist Convention

Principle Function:
The Youth Intern is responsible for organizing, planning, coordinating events for youth.
Teaching Sunday School, Sunday Night, Wednesday Night.


Familiarity with and experience in leading a variety of types of programs for youth.
Ability to plan, organize, train and supervise program and event leaders. Advanced education or experience in spiritual, emotional, physical and cognitive development of Youth. Ability to provide Christian counseling to both parents and youth on contemporary issues.

Responsibilities include but not limited to.
The Youth Leader will set a Godly example for all at all time.
Lead the youth on Wednesday nights in bible study and Sunday morning for Sunday School.
Be available at all time in case of crisis.
Plan activities that will enhance and encourage our youth to grow in the Lord.
Be on time for all services.
Appropriate dress required.
Excepted to be at church on minimum of 15 hrs. per week Sunday Morning, 3hrs, Sunday Night 2 Hrs., Wednesday Night 2 Hrs. (other hours flexible)
Under direct supervision of Pastor and all plans and dates must be approved by him.
Responsible media outlets to be used to promote the Ministries of Nicholson Baptist Church.
Lead in planning and accomplishing youth activities and programs appropriate for the spiritual growth.
Promote a regular program of outreach for youth in cooperation with overall church program of outreach.
Perform outreach on regular basis which includes, but not limited to, visitation, marking phone calls, visiting schools within system policies, and other ways with the use of technology.
Coordinate with parents/guardians, as well as youth, on any planned activities.
Recruit, train, pray for, and involve new children's ministry volunteers.
Perform other task as assigned by pastor,


Kay Richardson
(706) 757-3412