Southern Baptist Convention

Grace Community Baptist Church in Dayton, Tx is seeking a full-time pastor who believes and lives by the inerrant word of God. We are looking for a servant of God who provides compassionate pastoral care to all ages. We want someone who will lead by direction of the Holy Spirit and prayer to equip and empower the church to fulfill the Great Commission.


We are open to both bi-vocational and full-time candidates. About a year ago we requested resumes for our search committee, after a year of hard work the man we selected declined our call. If any of the previous candidates would like to be considered, we request updated resumes for each prospect. We have a new committee in place now and are needing some men to consider for the position.
All written correspondence may be sent to: Grace Community Baptist Church
PO Box 545
Dayton, TX 77535
Attn: Ed Fowler, Chairman


Ed Fowler
(936) 258-4547

Grace Community Baptist Church, Dayton

8073 FM 1960
DAYTON, TX 77535
(936) 258-4547

Welcome to the Grace Community Baptist Church SBC page. When we think of church, we can't help but think of Grace. God's Grace was given at Calvary's Cross 2000 years ago and is the greatest gift we could hope for. As a church body, we understand that we exist in a world with many troubles and our sole purpose is to share His Grace. Everyone seems to have an answer to our problems, but the answers of the world are shallow and quick to wane away. Here at Grace, we know that Jesus is the real answer we have all hoped for. If you like conservative Bible preaching and teaching, we are here for you. Jesus said, "The truth shall set men free" not half-truths and we do our utmost to share God's Word on a level where everyone understands truth. We are not ashamed to tell the facts about sin. Yes, sin, an issue we don't hear much about in today's world but here at Grace Community Baptist, you will experience a difference. We offer practical answers for today's problems. Please take the time and visit with us this coming Lord's Day. Pastor, Wayne Hardin