Southern Baptist Convention

Someone to serve the church by providing spiritual leadership and vision to the congregation, ensuring the health and stability of the congregation through organizational direction and administrative oversight, and seeing that needs of the congregation are met through the various ministries of the church. Should be an ordained Southern Baptist Preacher with 5 + years experience and have a seminary degree. Should affirm to the Baptist Faith & Message of 2000.


1. Discover and communicate from the Lord the vision for the church to staff members, leadership and laity.
2. Provide a spirit-anointed, biblically based preaching ministry to meet the needs of the congregation and attract new members in a variety of age, race, gender or spiritual condition
3. Provide overall leadership to corporate worship, working closely with leaders of all worship ministries.
4. Encourage and nurture the spiritual development and beliefs of the congregation through all possible means.
5. Provide pastoral care and counseling as time allows.
6. Conduct weddings and funerals, sharing and delegating these responsibilities with other staff members.
7. Provide leadership to the ministerial staff in order to develop a well-rounded ministry for spiritual growth, fellowship, evangelism and mission.
8. Lead regular staff meetings and staff retreats for team building, professional growth, sharing, planning and communication.
9. Provide primary leadership in the selection and hiring of staff members filling major ministry positions.
10. Provide leadership to deacons and lay leaders in developing goals, communicating a clear sense of direction and equipping the leadership for ministry.
11. Work with appropriate committees and ministry teams in discovering the vision and direction of the church.
12. Work with the Personnel Committee and church administration to develop job descriptions, personnel policies, procedures and evaluations.
13. Participate in developing the budget, leading stewardship and capital campaigns as needed.
14. Extend the ministry of the local church to the community through media ministry.
15. Extend the ministry of the local church to the nation through writing for publications and outside speaking.
16. Represent the church by serving on appropriate committees or boards of the denomination and organizations in the community and nationally.
17. Schedule periods of time for study, preparation and planning in order to develop and maintain a deep level of spiritual growth.
18. Lead out in evangelism, discipleship, and ministry through the church.
19. Cooperate with the Deacons by performing any other duties when asked to do so.
20. Adheres to the Church Bylaws and Policies and Procedures adopted by the church.
21. Maintains proper priorities at home with his wife and children


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