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We are looking for a servant leader to partner with us in building a lasting student ministry that reaches teenagers with the gospel and develops them into mature followers of Christ. If you love Jesus, feel called to vocational ministry, are gifted by the Spirit to communicate God’s Word, enjoy building relationships with teenagers and their families, and want to develop both adult and youth leaders/servants to take on ministry responsibilities, we invite you to apply for our open, full time position of Youth Minister.

• fit the description in the “Overview” above.
• are excited about our Job Description (see website).
• have a minimum of 3 years of experience (see website).
• are in agreement with our Beliefs (see website).
• can fully embrace our Staff Values (see website).
• are eager to help us make disciples within our 4 G’s of Discipleship Strategy (see website).
• understand and willing to uphold both our understood and written Policies (see website).
• feel comfortable operating within our Constitution & By Laws (see website).

• you would join a hard-working, cohesive leadership team that enjoys fulfilling God’s call to minister to the church, the community, and the world.
• you would walk into a youth ministry that welcomes your vision, passion, commitment, empathy, grace, love and vulnerability.
• you would be a part of a loving church family that is supportive of both children and youth.
• you would be equipped with a strong budget that will help you build a successful Youth Ministry.
• you would have a say in the complete renovation of our youth meeting space.
• you would move into a small community (population: 3,400) with larger than expected amenities, soon to include an impressive new city park .
• you would have health insurance, covered 100% by the church, plus 10% in retirement. Additionally, you would receive a stipend for a cell phone and have a budget for both books/ministry tools and conferences.
• you would be fairly compensated, commensurate with your experience, and education.
• you would receive financial help to move to our community.

You can e-mail us questions or send your resume with a cover letter to:
You can also visit our website for more information:


1. Create a Youth Ministry that effectively reaches non-Christian youth.
2. Demonstrate for students how the Christian faith can make sense of all of life.
3. Lead students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
4. Develop within students a Biblical worldview.
5. Bring students together for genuine, Christian fellowship.
6. Develop youth and adults to lead and serve.
7. Connect students to adults who can model a faithful Christian life.
8. Assist parents in the challenging work of raising teenagers who know and love Jesus.

1. Plan, direct, conduct, and evaluate a comprehensive Youth Ministry (including Sunday small groups and Wednesday night service) taking into consideration the spiritual, physical, recreational, social, and psychological development of youth.
2. Relate the youth to the overall life of the church and the church to the needs of its youth.
3. Help students develop the spiritual disciplines of worship, Bible study, prayer, etc.
4. Plan events and activities that promote spiritual growth and fellowship such as mission activities, camps, retreats, community service, outreach events/activities, etc.
5. Following appropriate policies and guidelines, the Youth Minister should spend time supporting students outside of weekly services. This might include visiting the middle school and high school campuses for personal contact with students at school approved times, attending student’s extra-curricular activities (sports, band, plays, etc.), taking groups of students out for a meal, etc.
6. Help students learn how to effectively share their faith with non-believing friends.
7. Study, implement and/or recommend changes in the youth ministry as needed for organization, space use, equipment and furnishing needs, policies and procedures, material, programs, curriculum, education methods, etc., in conjunction with policies.
8. Motivate, instruct, and coordinate the activities of adult and student leaders and workers.
9. Insure that adequate adult sponsors are present for all youth programs and activities (according to the type of activity and size of the group).
10. Prepare an annual budget for youth ministry needs and administer the approved budget according to church policies.

1. Biblically – Uphold the expectations of servant leaders as found in the following passages: Mark 10:42-45; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-5.
2. Spiritually – Must have a mature relationship with Jesus Christ that is continually growing. Be faithful to share the good news of Jesus with others. Profess a clear vocational calling to youth ministry.
3. Ethically – Is expected to maintain integrity beyond reproach through a high moral and ethical lifestyle. Must be wise in all interactions with students, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. Should have a safe driving record and be insurable on church insurance.
4. Financially – Youth Minister is expected to be faithful in giving financially to the church, keep their personal financial obligations current, and otherwise show financial responsibility. Must be able to keep complete and accurate records for youth fundraisers and/or payments for youth activities. The Church Secretary/Treasurer shall deposit all monies in church accounts.
5. Organizationally – The Youth Minister reports directly to the pastor and will be evaluated by the pastor/others on an annual basis. Must demonstrate adequate administrative skills in planning and executing basic ministry functions. Maintain open communications in planning and directing through frequent meetings of the Youth Committee, Church Council, and Staff Meetings. Able to enlist, equip, encourage and evaluate adult and youth leaders and volunteers. Willing to follow governing structure, as well as the stated and understood church policies.
6. Educationally – The youth minister is expected to improve personal skills and abilities and keep current on youth culture through continued learning/training.
7. Relationally – Relationships with family and friends must be prioritized and God-honoring. Love for God’s people, particularly the youth, must be evidenced through empathetic, gracious, and patient interactions. Able and willing to be held accountable and hold others accountable. Willing to admit faults and failures and seek forgiveness. Able to connect with students, their parents/guardians, adult volunteers and the church body as a whole. Desires to be part of a team that is concerned for the overall health of the church body. Understands how personal strengths and weaknesses impact others.
8. Motivationally – Enthusiastic about ministry and is self-motivated. Happy to put in the time necessary to accomplish goals and tasks and able to work around any obstacles and push through any challenges that may present themselves.
9. Doctrinally – Has a doctrinal position that matches that of the First Baptist Church Kenedy family. Understands and applies a gospel-centered approach to ministry.
10. Finally – Committed to Staff Values AND to the 4G’s of Discipleship ministry strategy, found at

1. Obtain or ensure an adequate number of volunteers have a Commercial Driver’s License to operate all church vehicles.
2. Participate in the Worship Services as directed by the Pastor.
3. Serve as a member of the Church Council representing the Youth Ministry and coordinating with other church ministries.
4. Attend staff meetings and participate in the staff visitation program to prospective members, potential leaders, hospital and crisis visitation.
5. Consult with and support the ministries of other staff members.
6. Cooperate with denominational and other Christian leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest.
7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.

1. The position will be considered full-time, salaried.
2. Hours worked shall vary from week to week according to activities. Work plans and schedule will be made in consultation with church staff under direction of the Pastor.

1. This position includes an additional role which will depend heavily on the minister’s skills and giftings, as well as the church’s needs. This will be discussed with the Youth Minister and will be decided on by the pastor, on conjunction with the Personnel Committee.


Matt Singleton
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First Kenedy

209 E School St
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