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Koinos Christian Fellowship, located in Troy, Ohio, is seeking a full-time pastor to oversee our worship music ministry plus other areas of ministry. We are looking for someone meeting the qualifications for elders in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, who is committed to a gospel-centered approach to worship, discipleship, and missions. The candidate should have a love for leading worship in a way the feeds the flock a steady diet of the gospel through the music as part of the overall work of making disciples. This pastor will also have duties to lead, teach, and provide pastoral oversight in other areas that match his strengths.

Koinos is an elder led Southern Baptist Church located in Troy, OH, a town of about 22,000 residents. We are a growing congregation with lots of young families and young children, 320-350 in worship attendance. We are an elder led church, pursuing after the biblical marks of a healthy church. This pastor will serve alongside our six, current pastors caring for the flock.


Personal Strengths:
1. Meets the qualifications for elders in 1 Timothy 3 & Titus 1.
2. Has a hunger for knowing and treasuring God.
3. Is an example of gospel-centered discipleship in his home and the world.
4. Loves and pursues theological growth.
5. Embraces a gospel-centered approach to ministry and the church.
6. Understands worship music as part of the church's ministry of discipleship.
8. Is a motivated pursuer of learning and excellence.
9. Seminary degree is optional.

Desired skill set:
1. Teaches and communicates with excellence.
2. Leads musically (primarily guitar) and vocally with excellence.
3. Appreciates all worship music styles.
4. Provides strong leadership of others.
5. Provides biblical shepherding to the flock.
6. Possesses a strong work ethic.
7. Learns and uses new technology well.

Tasks for this position:
1. Serve as a church elder overseeing the body.
2. Oversee the church's worship music ministry.
3. Develop and direct a rotation of worship leaders and team members.
4. Give oversight to pastoral needs outside of the music ministry.
5. Lead one of the church's LIFE Groups.
6. Provide care and biblical counseling for church members.
7. Oversee development of new projects and processes.


Anita Csikos, Office Manager
(937) 332-0033

Koinos Christian Fellowship

722 Grant St.
Troy, OH 45373
(937) 332-0033

Koinos means sharing our lives together (Acts 2:44). We exist to delight in God and spread His grace. God designed His church to be a family of believers growing to love one another and live out the gospel to our community and the nations. So it is our desire to be shaped by His word glorifying Him in all we do.