Southern Baptist Convention

Seeking a bi-vocational pastor to lead and grow a small Southern Baptist Church in Heidrick, KY. By our definition, this means hiring a full time pastor with the understanding that he would be free to pursue secondary employment which supplements his income without disrupting the duties as pastor of our church. The pastor should be a man who desires to build unity within the church as well as relationships within the community and to grow the church's ministry according to God's will. The mission of Highland Park Baptist Church is to follow the example of Jesus, in loving God, loving people and making disciples.


Preach Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and preach or teach Wednesday night services. Provide leadership in all areas of the church.
Counsel as needed.
Follow church handbook and its ordinances.



Licensed and ordained by a Southern Baptist Church.
Husband of one wife.
Use the King James Version Doctrine.

Submit a resume that should include the following:

Summary of education and ministry experience.
One page summary of your personal spiritual testimony/conversion
Three references from one or more of the following:
a. Church's
b. Leader who has worked beside you in the ministry
c. Pastor or other individual familiar with your spiritual journey
d. Employment references
Previous pastor experiences up to 5 years back
Vocational experience up to 10 years back
Your contact information

Please submit resume to one of the following:

Highland Park Baptist Church Pulpit Committee
PO Box 459
Heidrick, KY 40949

(606) 546-5576 (Fax)



Rick Mills
(606) 627-8811

Highland Park Baptist Church

495 N KY 11
Heidrick, KY 40949
(606) 627-9136