Southern Baptist Convention

Position Description:

• Create and coordinate programs to effectively minister to youth (grades 7-12) and guide them in utilizing their talents to minister to their peers
• Oversee programs in the Children’s Department (infant – grade 6)
• Plan, supervise and attend camps and mission trips that will inspire spiritual growth
• Support youth in after school extracurricular activities to develop relationships with youth and their families
• Must be flexible, self-motivated and a team player
• Must be able to work effectively with volunteers in the youth and children’s departments
• Provide biblical guidance and Christ-centered counseling to both youth and their families
• Be responsible for creating and managing separate budgets for both the youth and children’s departments
• Attend staff, deacon and council meetings regularly, being a liaison between theses ministries and the church
• Maintain regular office hours


1. Called by God to lead as well as minister to the youth and children
2. Agree with the doctrine as stated in the “Baptist Faith and Message”
3. M.S. in Theology preferred; B.S. in Theology Required
4. Married, strongly preferred
5. Must agree to pass a complete background check
6. Youth Ministry experience
7. Experience with Children’s Ministry preferred
8. Willing to take direction from the Senior Pastor
9. Must possess conflict management skills
10. Must be proficient in written and oral communications
11. Must be able to incorporate technology effectively (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
12. Will preach when called upon by the Senior Pastor
13. Available for visitation and counseling as needed
14. Must provide a list of all previous employers
15. Become an active member(s) of Lighthouse Bible Church


Brenda Foster
(586) 725-9951