Southern Baptist Convention

An ideal candidate for this role will possess a balanced combination of pastoral ministry experience, a high commitment to Christian education, and solid business acumen. In this particular role, the Senior Executive Pastor (SEP) will be a visionary leader, advancing the mission of the organization by providing guidance to what could be called the three legs of the North Hills “stool.” These legs are the congregation, the school (K-12), and the preschool. The new SEP will have a high and equal regard for all three legs of this stool and will continue to advance the organization’s fiscal and ministerial agenda.

The organization is seeking a leader and shepherd who enjoys preaching 8-10 times per year, mentoring staff, overseeing the annual budget (over $3 mil), and serving along with the elected leaders from the congregation. A Pastor’s heart is essential, but candidates will be considered coming out of church, faith-based non-profit, business, or education backgrounds. An entrepreneurial spirit, a man of prayer, and a heart for people are highly sought after traits for this position.

The church, school and preschool are also highly diverse, so experience with cultural diversity would be greatly valued. A candidate who feels called to fill “first-chair” responsibilities in administration and vision, without feeling the need to be the primary pulpit voice, and who sees the powerful role Christian education plays in a community, ought to take a serious look at this opportunity.


A committed, “baptistic,” evangelical Christian

Ordained by a like-minded church and called into the pastoral role of a servant leader

Prefer twenty years of perseverance and continuance in that call
vocational call can be demonstrated in a variety of faith-based organizations

Become a member of North Hills Church

Masters degree in ministry, education, or business highly preferred

Ten years of demonstrated leadership in a multi-layered organization

Possess character qualities and spiritual gifts of a shepherd/overseer as outlined in Titus and 1 Timothy and witnessed by the ordaining church

Experience leading, directing, and overseeing a multi-million dollar budget for a church, faith-based, non-profit organization, a business platform, or an educational institution

A qualified public speaker who is experienced in communicating through electronic mediums.

The SEP will be the official face and voice of the North Hills organization and should be a strong representative in a variety of public situations.

A proven ability having directed and led more than just one organization’s vision, mission and values, hopefully in a variety of cultural environments

A five year proven track record showing positive results with regards to the above-outlined related experiences as a Senior leader or Director, Senior Pastor, or CEO


Joe Farrell - AGORA Search Group
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