Southern Baptist Convention

Lawton First Baptist Church in Weir, Kansas is seeking a pastor. Must be able to provide spiritual leadership to church members, prepare weekly sermons, preach and conduct worship services, provide care and counseling to church members and assist them in crisis situations.


The Pastor Search Committee is searching for a Pastor that provides spiritual leadership for our congregation. Our Pastor needs to also be a preacher and a leader. An ideal Pastor would be called to our church by the Lord and follow the Baptist Faith & Message. He should have a strong calling and belief in Missions and support Missions and Women's Missions from the pulpit. Our Pastor should be Licensed and Ordained, willing to build the children and youth ministries, work with the Deacons and be active in our community.


Lawton FBC Search Committee
(620) 643-5589

First Baptist Church

10651 NE Linnet Ln
Weir, KS 66781-4172
(620) 643-5589