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The Pastor for Students/Next Generation serves as the key pastoral leader for ministry to Middle-High School Students. He will lead in such a way that the Student ministry fulfills the church's mission and vision through the student ministry. All outreach to students, discipling, and engagement on mission will be directed by the Student Pastor. In addition, building a partnership with parents is essential to the success. Gaining access and impact on campuses is a priority as well as involving students in missions through short term trips and local service. The Student pastor will lead through a team of adult workers he is recruiting, developing, and shepherding. All aspects of the student ministry are under his direction and constitute his responsibility as a pastoral staff member. The Student Pastor is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor (transitional pastor at present) and ultimately accountable to the congregation.
(complete position description available upon request)


*Track record of success in prior ministry engagement with good references
*Adequate theological preparation for pastoral leadership
*Demonstrable gifts for ministry, especially to students
*Able to teach the scriptures, discern doctrine, and be consistently guided in ministry by biblical concepts
*Be teachable and lead-able
*Good team player
*Strong desire to function as part of a healthy ministry team
*Be the expert on student ministry and bring demonstrable expertise to the team
*Meets the biblical qualifications as an elder
*Conducts oneself with integrity at all times, setting a good example for others
*Strong sense of boundaries and committed to high ethical standards
*Able to administrate ministry planning, budget preparation and management, and team leadership
**Possess a profound passion to reach students for Christ and willing to work hard!


Tony Chester, transitional pastor
(770) 304-0091

Heatherwood Baptist Church @ Newnan

721 Shenandoah Blvd
Newnan, GA 30265-3181
(770) 304-0091