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Five Points Baptist Church is congregation of 1,200 members located in a bedroom community of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We have a large number of young families and great potential in our student ministry. We are located about ten minutes from the University of Alabama and Shelton State Community College. Our potential for reaching college students and young career singles is great as well. The main focus of this position will be on our middle school and high school students.

The Minister of Students and Young Singles is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the spiritual growth and development of middle school and high school students (grades 6 through 12) and single adults from the age of 18 to 23. This includes leadership of weekly programs and periodic special events as indicated.

Essential Job Functions – Student Ministry

• Integrate the mission/vision statement of Five Points Baptist Church and the senior pastor and derive a similarly relevant mission statement and branding for youth.
• Lead a team of volunteers in the creation and operation of a student ministry, including weekly services and routine special events.
• Direct the recruitment, training, and development of volunteers as needed to staff weekly programs and special events.
• Develop and disciple a group of student leaders.
• Educate, encourage and facilitate youth to participate in evangelism and missions locally, nationally, and internationally.
• Plan and teach biblically accurate, culturally relevant services for youth including the weekly youth Midweek event.
• Cast vision for, teach, and program any retreat or camp for youth through utilization of music selection, development of messages/teaching, and use of games and other artistic elements to inspire students to learn about God.
• Create and manage a youth ministry calendar that will drive all the activities and teaching of the ministry.
• Implement student registration, program management, and security policies/practices in support of weekly services and special events.
• Design, plan, and conduct periodic youth parent meetings in order to engage and update families of youth attending FPBC.
• Lead the creative use and proactive upkeep of student ministry facilities and grounds.
• Develop an annual budget for student ministry and manage spending.
• Be an active presence in local schools.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the senior pastor.

Essential Job Functions – Young Singles

• On a regular basis, meet with students to provide guidance and encouragement.
• Implement a strategy for helping students grow in their faith.
• Create and oversee a small group ministry for young singles.
• Create opportunities for students to serve through local and international mission trips, community projects, summer opportunities, etc.
• Provide opportunities for young singles to fellowship together.
• Develop an annual budget for young singles ministry and manage spending.


An ability to teach the Bible effectively is a must. We are also looking for someone who enjoys spending time with teenagers and young singles. This individual will also need to skilled in recruiting and training volunteers. We also require that the candidate be doctrinally aligned with the Baptist Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Ben Jameson
(205) 799-3071

Five Points Baptist Church

3718 36th St
Northport, AL 35473-2908
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