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FBC Kenova has partnered with First Baptist Church of Ashland, KY to do a church revitalization project. Ashland serves as an important economic and medical center for northeast Kentucky and is part of the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Kentucky. It is home to Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC) and is the cultural hub for NE KY as well. 56% of the population is under 44 years of age. Although some would say we are in the Bible belt, only 16% of the area's 350,000+ residents attend church on any given week. There is not one denomination that can claim a congregation of more than 200 people within 3 miles of the downtown riverfront city center. For more information on FBC Kenova, go to www.FBCKENOVA.COM

We are an elder led church looking for a staff member who will continue the development of FBCA with an emphasis on growth and outreach. At this time, more than 20 people have been sent from FBC Kenova, WV to help revitalize this once prosperous church and it has grown to average nearly 65 people on a weekly basis. Most of the church are white collar professionals. The praise and worship team is considered by many as the most talented in the area. In addition, FBC Ashland was once the top giving church in the KY Baptist Association and is blessed with one of the best campus facilities in the area including a gymnasium/family life center and a separate youth building. The potential here is incredible.

The incumbent would be responsible for working with the Lead Pastor of FBC Kenova for the purpose of evangelizing, equipping, and shepherding FBCA and its surrounding community.

B. ORGANIZATION: The incumbent shall report to the FBCK Council of Shepherds (Elders) under the direct oversight of the Lead Pastor. Although for hiring purposes he is a staff member of FBCK and accountable to their Council of Shepherds, the incumbent’s emphasis will be ministering to the Ashland community in conjunction with and in submission to the direction received from the FBCA Council of Shepherds.

C. RESPONSIBILITIES: It is understood and expected that the incumbent will have prayer and Bible study daily in order to further develop his relationship with Jesus Christ which is necessary to fulfill his responsibilities with FBCA. If married, the incumbent must also maintain a positive relationship with his wife (and children), leading them in times of prayer and devotions for the purpose of glorifying God and as an example to the flock of God.

If possible, it is also encouraged for the incumbent to refrain from handling money for church activities. It is also imperative that he avoid being in private situations with any woman other than his wife or children outside his family, and to avoid other situations that may compromise his reputation in the community.

C. 1 CHURCH MINISTRIES The incumbent is responsible for providing an environment conducive for qualitative and quantitative growth at FBCA. The incumbent will implement methods to reach the unchurched and dechurched, establish converts, build disciples, equip leaders, and empower servants. The incumbent is also responsible for developing a plan to ensure timely follow-up is conducted for visitors. Under the direction of the Lead Pastor, the incumbent will work with the Council of Shepherds to develop, implement and maintain a relevant vision for the future of FBCA. It is imperative that the incumbent be a people person, a gatherer, a recruiter, and will relate very well to the young families of the area. Beyond personal integrity, this is the most important aspect of the position.

The incumbent is responsible for working with staff and volunteers to plan the order of service each week as well as special services.

The incumbent will cooperatively work with FBCA leaders to administer the ordinances of baptism and communion.

The incumbent will also be available to conduct weddings, funerals, baby dedications, etc. as the needs arise.

The incumbent will preach at least once a month and help with mid-week Bible studies once or twice a month.

The incumbent shall be available to perform other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor at FBC Kenova.

C. 2 PASTORAL CARE For the purpose of meeting the needs of FBCA and building relationships with the current congregation, the incumbent is responsible for working with the Deacons and Deaconesses to develop an organized visitation plan including visits to the sick (especially hospitalized), shut-ins, and specific requests. This aspect of the job responsibility should not average more than 5 hours per week. It is expected that the incumbent recruit, train and equip biblically qualified individuals to serve the congregation in this manner as opposed to him performing the majority of these ministries himself.

C. 3 NURTURING THE FELLOWSHIP The incumbent is responsible for ministering to all groups of FBCA, attempting to provide a corporate sense of involvement and interest. It is the goal that each member have an identifiable ministry within the body of Christ and participate in a small group and/or Sunday School class for fellowship and instruction. The incumbent will strive to unify the body and continually work toward maintaining that unity.

C. 4 LEADERSHIP/ADMINISTRATION As a general rule, the incumbent shall attend weekly staff meetings of FBCK for reviewing and planning current and future ministries. The incumbent shall work with the FBCA Council of Shepherds by developing and modifying Long Range Plans (3 years) and an Annual Operating Plan by September of each year. These plans need to then be communicated with the Stewardship committee for budgeting purposes.

The scheduled day off (usually Friday or Saturday) shall be established with the FBCA Council of Shepherds. Office hours and vacation days off should remain flexible depending on the weekly needs of the congregation and for the purpose of reaching the community. If the incumbent is spending more than 15 hours a week in the church building, it is unlikely that he will be accomplishing one of the primary roles of this position, which is to reach out to the community around us.

The incumbent is responsible for developing a monthly newsletter and social media updates as appropriate.

The incumbent shall provide to the Council of Shepherds at FBCA and FBCK a monthly report of significant activities regarding his respective areas of ministry. The incumbent shall strive to fulfill the requirements of the constitution of FBCA.

C.5 OUTREACH MINISTRIES One of the primary roles of this position is to develop relationships within the Tri-State community for the purpose of growing the congregation of FBCA both qualitatively and quantitatively. This may include but is not limited to: beginning a campus ministry at ACTC, helping with local sports leagues/teams, volunteering with local organizations, etc. It is also the responsibility of the incumbent to recruit, train and equip members of our congregation to reach out to the community as well.

C.6 NEW MEMBER ASSIMILATION The incumbent is responsible for working with FBC leaders to develop and implement a plan for incorporating new members into the church body by organizing periodic “Meet FBC” classes for new and prospective members, establishing a mentoring program and assisting new members in finding a ministry at FBCA.

C.7 COUNSELING The incumbent is responsible for providing pastoral care and counseling for the FBCA congregation, to provide by word and presence a sympathetic understanding of and concern for the congregation in their daily lives as well as moments of crisis, giving assistance where appropriate and feasible. If the needed counseling falls outside the incumbent’s expertise and experience he will refer to FBCA leadership for assistance.

C.8 TRAINING OF INCUMBENT The incumbent shall obtain resources and training necessary to stay abreast of the latest developments in the respective fields of responsibility. The incumbent is expected to devote time each day to personal growth by studying the Word of God. In addition, the incumbent shall acquire training as available via seminars, college courses, etc. which will improve the ongoing ministry of FBCA. An M.Div. is desired but not required at this time.

C.9 FINANCE The incumbent is responsible for the preparation, justification and submission of any budget requirements to the Stewardship Committee each year. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for monitoring and expending funds from accounts under the assigned control of the incumbent.

The incumbent shall oversee fundraisers for special functions as approved by the FBCA as coordinated with the Stewardship Committee.

C.10 PREACHING & TEACHING From time to the time the incumbent will be responsible for preparing and delivering sermons and/or Bible studies that glorify God and are relevant to the needs of the congregation of FBCA. While this may not be the primary responsibility of the incumbent at this time, if an increase in this responsibility is necessary for the purposes of outreach and evangelism, that is acceptable as well. The incumbent is responsible for communicating in understandable terms a comprehensive view of the Bible and Christian theology in terms relevant to the lives of the congregation.

C.11 DENOMINATIONAL AFFILIATIONS The incumbent is responsible to stay abreast of activities of associations in which FBCA belongs and provide feedback to FBCA regarding any relevant issues.

D. JOB REQUIREMENTS: As a representative of FBCA and of the Christian faith, the incumbent shall have a good reputation and shall strive to live in a manner worthy of the high calling as a pastor as outlined in 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus.

E. DIRECTION RECEIVED: On day-to-day matters the incumbent shall report to the Lead Pastor. In the absence of a Lead Pastor, the incumbent will report to the Chair of the Council of Shepherds at FBCK. For overall direction the incumbent will receive input from the FBCA and FBCK Council of Shepherds.

This position is a Support Staff position at FBCK and serves at the will and pleasure of the FBCK Council of Shepherds. As the primary ministry emphasis is for the ministry at FBCA, it is understood that the FBCK Council of Shepherds will take very seriously the recommendations of the FBCA Council of Shepherds on any and all matters relating to the incumbent.

Informal evaluations shall take place from time to time. Formal annual evaluations shall be performed by the Lead Pastor and FBCK/FBCA Council of Shepherds at the beginning of each calendar year. It is expected that the incumbent will do his due diligence to correct any issues that are presented as part of this process.

Termination may occur at any time for any reason, especially for causes such as insubordination, breaches of confidentiality, and/or any attitude, belief, action or behavior that brings reproach upon the name of Christ and His church. In the case that a termination of employment should occur, if the FBCK and FBCA Council of Shepherds believe the incumbent has acted in good faith as an employee of the church, they will provide a minimum of 30-days pay to assist in the transition from this job to the next.

In the event that the incumbent desires to leave the employment of FBCK, a written 30-day notice should be provided to the FBCK Council of Shepherds.


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