Southern Baptist Convention

Just to let you know what the right "FIT" would be, first of all, we want someone who meets the criteria for a pastor as listed in I Tim 3 and Titus 1. Secondly, the candidate would need to have had at least some experience leading a choir of 30 or more people. We might make an exception for this if a knowledgeable professor/recommender felt very confident the candidate definitely had the people and professional skills to excel in this area. Being able to recruit and train sound/tech people would be important. Web/graphic design experience would be a huge plus as well.

Our average age in the church is 29 years old. So we are pretty young. Majority of adults are in their 20s and 30s. We are also in a college town (Marshall University) so we have a bunch of college students too. At the same time, we probably have 100 adults over 60, so the candidate needs to not only be able to lead the most current worship songs, but also have the ability to take old hymns and arrange them in a contemporary way, reaching all ages. We are very intentional about being a multi-generational church.

The choir is more of a worship choir than a performance choir, even though they do specials for offering and the like. As far as style, if 1 is traditional and 10 is total progressive "cool" church with lights and fog machines, we are probably a 7-8. Pastor usually wears khakis with a polo shirt for preaching. Our congregation has people in ties but most wear khakis/polos or and t-shirts/jeans. Broad range socio-economically. Over 100 teens involved in youth ministry and 120+ in children's areas. You can find out more about our church and see our services at We have a number of SBC connections, the staff has SBTS and SEBTS grads as well as Dallas Seminary.

The pay can go from good to great depending family need and based on how many people/ministries the individual oversees. If he is overseeing a choir ministry of more than 50 people with another 15-20 musicians and tech team/web design, the salary housing package would quickly grow to be in the upper 40s-low 50s plus full benefits. (With our low cost of living index, this is probably similar to 60k in most cities.) The position would likely start in the upper 30s/low 40s depending on experience, family need, and qualifications, but again, if the minister was bringing in people and doing a good job, that compensation package could increase quickly.


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